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New For 2013

Convert your Remington 700 short or long action rifle to a smokeless powder muzzleloader without the bells and whistles we put into our complete custom Muzzleloader.
Installed 45 caliber 1-20 tw. cut rifled barrel, breech plug, and nipple. Included is a powder funnel, bullet re-sizer/swager, and 25 primer holders only. 1 moa accuracy to 500 yards.

You provide your own ramrod and do your own stockwork.

Send only your barreled action with trigger attached.

Prices start at $1900

Call or email Tommy Shurley for further details.


Expand your Muzzleloader range to 500 yards

Custom smokeless powder long range accurate muzzleloaders. These rifles shoot under one moa out to 500 yards with over 5000 ft. lbs. muzzle energy. We are loading 73 grs. of IMR 4198 behind a 325 grain Parker bullet for approximatley 2800 FPS. Speeds will vary depending on barrel length and each individual rifle.

Prices start @ $3900.00

  • Remington 700 short action
  • Holland recoil lug
  • Jewel trigger with top safety
  • Sling swivel studs
  • Custom SS action bolts/screws 
  • New side action bolt stop
  • 20 MOA scope rail

  • Matte barrel finish
  • Knight # 900023 breech plug
  • Knight # 900012 nipple
  • SS ramrod ferrule
  • Clear coat stock finish (gloss or satin)
  • Limbsaver recoil pad
  • Bat polished aluminum triggerguard
  • Thompson Center Universal power rod
  • Pillar bedded with polished SS escutcheon
  • 45 caliber, Cut Rifled, SS, 1-20 twist # 19, .750" muzzle dia. X 30" barrel
  • Our model 11 thumbhole stock in a laminate color of your choice
  • Custom swager to perfectly re-size the Parker bullets to your individual bore
  • Combination powder funnel and ramrod guide to prevent wear to crown and muzzle

$3900.00 shipped in your hardcase
Call Tommy at 501-691-5500 to go over every detail of your new custom muzzleloader.

The two bullets pictured on the far left are the Parker 275 grain Ballistic Extreme that we have been recommending in our Muzzleloaders. The two on the right are Bob's new higher BC 325 grain bullet that we recommend now.

We are loading 73 grains of IMR 4198 for this 325 grain bullet, which produces approximately 2800 FPS in a 30" barrel. We also found they are more accurate using the felt Wonder Wad over the powder.

Call Bob Parker today and order your 325 grain Muzzle loading bullets today. You will love them.

Bob Parker

1 (208) 596-8430